Complaints and Grievance 

Redressal Mechanism

Step 1

Complaint box at all branch level/hand over of Written Complaint to Branch manager/ Complaint raised through call centre

Give Us a call @ 1800-121-5560

Step 2

Head office-Nodal Officer at HO @ 9880126273


you may give a call to 08392-255201

Step 3

Complaint to CEO/MD @ Headoffice

Step 4

If the complaints have not solved/redressed within 3 months you may approach to [email protected] If your grievances are not addressed with ombudsman of the Bank, you may approach any Statutory authority.

Our Customers

It is a customer friendly bank providing excellent services to the best satisfaction of each and every customer and it is family bank.

Basavaraja Bhari Sanna

Self Employed

Excellent service since eight years convenient timings and high customer satisfaction. Thank you Suco Bank.

Anupama Channesh